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mobile & web App Development

iOS, Android, web, and hybrid web. You name it, we've done it. We have built and employed mobile apps, web apps, and API services for SME clients in multiple industries and verticals - government, banking, publishing, technology, sports, real estate, entertainment, healthcare, and education.
You know what they say: Build it and they will come.

Mobile & web App Development

At Radical I/O, we live and breath custom app development. Our in-house team of designers and developers can help you tackle the most complex problems with delightful, functional, and
scalable mobile and web apps.

cloud deployments

With our experience in AWS & Google Cloud architecture, configuration and optimization, we can help your company make the most of cloud services to help your business securely scale and grow.

Internet of Things

We love the Internet of Things! From smart speakers to home automation, we can help you navigate the brave new world of network connectivity, and tap into this exciting new market.

Contactless NFC & Bluetooth

We build user-friendly, universal products that make life easier for you and your users by using Near Field Communication and Bluetooth technologies
for iOS and Android.

Some of our tools and languages of choice

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