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What We Do

Radical’s collaborative, holistic and flexible approach can achieve your organization’s vision and goals with performant, reliable technology solutions, built for you. Our experience in a range of technologies and programming languages is helping organizations across a variety of industries. We provide technology consulting, design, and development services.

Smart Cities

Through our SimpliCity™ Smart City software platform, CityAssistant chatbot and voicebot, and agile professional services, we are fast becoming the partner of choice for exploring smart city concepts like artificial intelligence, sensors, analytics, voice interactions, and more.

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Our consulting services and custom solutions include: strategy, design, user experience, technology audits, architecture solutions, emerging technologies, stack assessment, system integration, enterprise feedback, and APIs.


Making data meaningful is our specialty. We know how to solve business problems by connecting people and systems, and accessing hard-to-reach data using APIs, data stores, digital twins, and data lakes.

mobile & web App Development

iOS, Android, hybrid web, web apps. You name it, we’ve done it. We have built and deployed mobile apps, web apps, and API services for SME clients in multiple industries and verticals such as government, banking and financial services, publishing, technology, sports, real estate, entertainment, healthcare and education.

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UX/UI Design

All of our digital products are human-centered with firm foundations in user experience theory and practice. From mobile to web, and everything in between, our UX and UI experts will help take your clients and customers on an epic user experience journey.

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Virtual reality is our reality, and the possibilities are endless. Our team will help you push the boundaries of your business with cutting-edge, interactive VR and 360° mobile experiences.

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Our in-house lab products include BETHERE360, a branded mobile VR/360° app; and My Card, a smart city solution to connect with everything in your city. We know how to build tools, applications, databases, and systems to solve problems and manage information.

AI and Machine Learning

Get smarter with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Using intelligent technologies like pattern recognition, predictive analytics, deep learning, artificial neural networks, knowledge virtualization, natural language processing, computer vision, and big data, we help organizations automate processes, increase accuracy, improve operational efficiency, predict and identify new opportunities, and realize their goals.

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