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Meet Our Team

We're a talented team who loves turning big ideas into reality.
We partner with enterprises and funded startups in government, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, finance, and media to design and develop technology with purpose.

Briana leads Radical’s people, culture, and community activities, and strategically plans how the team can create impactful programs and digital products for government, education, and non-profits. She's passionate about ensuring inclusiveness and belonging in every area of the company, and in championing women to pursue careers in technology. Briana holds an MEd and a BBA, and is co-chair of Women in Communications and Technology, BC Chapter (WCTBC).

Briana Sim

Co-founder & COO / people advocate / office singer

Polyglot developer experienced in UX, native, web and mobile development, with a passion for the latter in particular. She has worked on B2B and B2C products with IBM and Microsoft, and more recently has been involved with research projects in the Education sector.

Christine Kelly

mobile developer / puzzle fiend

Originally from Ireland, Dave loves to tackle challenging problems. He primarily focuses on JavaScript and JAVA backend and API development, but he's great at jumping to help wherever he is needed, including in our work with smart speakers.

Dave Kerr

software developer / game master

An open-source technology lover, geek and IoT hobbyist, Felipe has more than 10 years of experience in Java & JavaScript development and system integrations. BS in Computer Science with a MAS in Computer Security and Forensic Administration, he has taken part in important projects in banking and construction industries.

Felipe Almeida

senior software developer / feet drummer

Originally from Morelia Mexico, Guillermo is an experienced software developer who loves JavaScript and holds a BSc in Computer Science with a minor in Software Engineering, He has worked in small to large enterprise software systems. Guillermo loves movies, video games, and good stories in any art form.

Guillermo Sánchez

senior software developer / Radiohead, movie & boxing entusiast

Enterprise Architect with 20 years of progressively-advanced technical leadership across multiple architectural disciplines. Solid technical background, broad technology domain experience, and a proven ability to architect both applications and multi-tiered fault tolerant scalable systems.

Ian Sim

Co-founder & CEO / tech octopus / coffee fiend

Experienced full stack developer. Currently working primarily with React & Redux. A short stint in Android development. Previously did network design and management. Research and teaching experience. Advanced mathematics background.

Jason Kenney

senior software developer / spiderman

Creative problem-solver who thinks big picture coupled with a focus on detailed implementation. Excels in managing large- and small-scale projects and events through strong relationships with clients and staff, focusing on evaluating outcomes and measuring impact, and identifying simple strategies and steps for action. Love all forms of dance as well as travelling as often as I can.

Kathryn McTavish

project manager / scotch aficionado / dance enthusiast

iOS instructor / mentor. Proven experience building performant applications and writing clean, maintainable code. Successful in developing feature sets that have resulted in improved user engagement. Instrumental in troubleshooting production issues and debugging complex systems.

Kelo Akalamudo

mobile developer / foodie / office best dressed

Kim is a communications expert with a Master's Degree in Creative & Professional Writing (Honors), a certificate in Technical Writing, and a background in Fine Arts. She also has experience in production, project management, resource development, process development, research, administration, and social media management.

Kimberly Manky

communications specialist / puppeteer

Another award-winning designer -- Renée has a background in urban planning and citizen engagement, complimenting her specialization in user experience perfectly. Enabled with a strong research and analysis background she creates and improves products with mindful information architecture, content strategy and human computer interaction. On top of this, Renee is an visual artist, illustrator, cat-lover and circus artist.

Renée Mak

digital product designer / pun-maker / disaster clown

Award-winning designer who helps organizations & startups improve their products and services by creating highly-relevant, engaging designs across all platforms. I craft brands that elevate industry standards, and execute campaigns with consistency and meticulous attention to details.

Sharon Hsiao

digital product designer / pixel crafter / recovering course collector

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