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Who We Are


From the Latin ‘radix’, meaning to get to the root or core. We associate this word with thinking differently and bringing about change.


Input and output. These classic computing terms describe the flow of data through a system. Data comes from people, is processed by a system, and then presented in meaningful ways.


The means or tools by which we affect the world around us, and the information we need to adapt to it.


People First

Radical I/O is a people-first, consultancy and lab that develops stable, scalable, and secure technology solutions with purpose. We are a different kind of technology company.

We love helping companies build digital products that transform their business and make a positive impact both to their bottom line and to their community.  We pride ourselves on establishing great long-term relationships with our clients and partners, so we work hard to provide great ROI with excellent service, quality, and value. All of our services are delivered via team members local to Vancouver, British Columbia; we never use offshore development partners. 

We specialize in developing custom solutions for iOS, Android, and hybrid web mobile apps, plus web frontend and backend apps; integrating various systems within enterprise environments; building API services, and connecting them to apps and systems; and planning for scalable deployments leveraging AWS cloud services.

Our in-house lab products include BETHERE360, a branded mobile VR/360° app; and MyCard, a smart city solution to connect with everything in your city. 

We particularly love working with government, ethical enterprises, and non-profits to help solve our world's most challenging problems and to make technology accessible and useful to all.



Radical I/O was founded in 2014 by Co-founders Ian and Briana, who wanted to establish a different kind of technology company - a company that values community, relationships, and social good - and won’t compromise its principles for profit.

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Building great product requires great people. We are often on the lookout for curious, driven, skilled, creative, and genuine individuals to join our team.  Radical I/O is passionate about providing an accepting, safe, inclusive and flexible place to work. In our hiring practices, we aim to create a gender-balanced workforce and include underrepresented identities.  If you want to do great work with a great team, check out our career opportunities . Learn more about our team.

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