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iOS • Android • Enterprise • Financial

Central 1 Location Finder

A user-friendly location finder  iOS and Android feature
for Central 1’s credit union members.

the challenge

Central 1 wanted to improve the functionality of their mobile app, and to implement new features, including a map-based location finder for their ATMs and brick and mortar locations.

The new feature needed to be built, tested and launched within three months, in order for Central 1 to be considered for an independent ranking of mobile banking providers.

After unsuccessful internal attempts to build a feature that met their usability and performance benchmarks, Central 1 reached out to Radical I/O for our native app expertise, understanding of their business and technical needs, and our ability to deliver the feature within their deadline.

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Scope of Project
iOS & Android App Development
Hybrid Web app Development

The process

Our team examined the existing mobile architecture and flow. We wanted to understand the current usability of the application, customer behaviour, and the technology requirements for the new functions.

Our developers used native Apple and Google maps, location services, and an embedded Realm database for storing large numbers of data points, and integrated these within Central 1’s existing hybrid web architecture.

Radical Results

We created an intuitive location finder feature for Central 1’s member credit unions that rivals the offerings of other North American major banks.

We made performance improvements within the map view to improve the look and feel of the user experience, increased the radius search from 50km to 650km with smooth panning and zooming, and added 3D-mapping capability.

Clean Design. Efficient load times. Great performance.

We met Central 1’s deadline and they were able to submit the app for the international independent ranking. In the end, Central 1 were ranked number one for mobile banking in North America.

Performance improvements within the map view
Improvements to the overall look & feel of the map-viewing experience, including:
Removing the 50km radius search limitation, now increased to 650km
Smooth panning and zooming within the map
3D maps on Android

Over the past few years, we have collaborated on various initiatives with Radical for development on our credit union’s award-winning mobile banking app. Projects ranged from location based, payments, and mobile foundational functionality. Radical has a development team that is technically strong and has integrated well to our existing development team’s culture. They have an ability to communicate complex technical ideas to the business to make the right decisions. I highly recommend Radical for any organization looking to deliver digital projects on time and on budget.

Central 1 Credit Union


Radical I/O has partnered with Central 1 since 2014 on building API services, and implementing a wide range of features on their mobile and web banking applications, with teams of 2-6 people. Connect with us for further info about Location Finder, the projects highlighted below, our additional mobile work on cheque cashing, Interac e-transfers, tap to pay, and more!

My Receipts: API, Sensibill Integration, and Mobile
Credit union members can now store and access their digitized receipts easily on their mobile phones. We built the MyReceipts feature for inclusion in the Alterna Savings mobile application that is provided by Central 1. We created API endpoints to facilitate financial security tokens, and integrated a Mobile SDK from Sensibill with Central 1’s mobile applications. This integration involved Android development, iOS development, API development, and integrations with both Central 1 and Sensibill. Download the Alterna Mobile Banking App on iOS and Android.

Enhanced Personal Messaging: Web App, Integration
Credit union-based marketing professionals can now easily draft, schedule, and send targeted messages directly to up to 500,000 members, replacing a cumbersome manual process that only a handful of people could do. We resolved system-wide performance issues by implementing a queue-based scheduler system. We developed a new Angular2 web app, created a new staging database, implemented a new Campaign loading processor using a Java (Quartz) Scheduler, and added a message content system and a member database.

About Central 1

Central 1 Credit Union (“Central 1”) is the primary liquidity manager, payments processor and trade association for member credit unions in B.C. and Ontario. They provide financial products, payment processing solutions and direct banking services.


Member credit unions in B.C. and Ontario


Financial institutions across Canada use Central 1


Combined membership of 3.3 million members

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