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November 5, 2019

Radical I/O Becomes Member of Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster

Radical Team

Radical I/O Technology is thrilled to announce its full membership within Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster housed in British Columbia. This is one of five similar superclusters selected by the Government of Canada to share $950 million in funding from the Innovation Supercluster Initiative, which aims to drive collaborative and commercially successful innovation. The Supercluster connects organizations from the private and public sectors and academia, with a particular focus on startups and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), to solve key challenges through the application of innovative technologies that will make a real difference to people.

"We are excited to have been accepted as a new regular member of the Digital Technology Supercluster. As a startup, the Supercluster provides a unique opportunity for us in forging new relationships and collaborations, where we can work together with partners we may not have otherwise had the opportunity to engage with," said Christin Wiedemann, Radical I/O President. "Radical has a strong research and development (R&D) focus and interest, so we are excited to build stronger relationships with our local post-secondary institutions, and to have this opportunity to thrive in the collaborative and innovative environment created and supported by the Supercluster. Thank you to the team members at the Supercluster who have been so supportive throughout this process.”

Digital Technology Supercluster logo

About Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster

Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster is a cross-industry network of more than 400 organizations representing leading firms, start-ups, universities and research institutes. Through collaborative partnerships, the Supercluster facilitates and funds projects that develop digital products and platforms to transform industries and propel the economic growth of Canada. This collaborative model allows firms to pursue ambitious projects in a shared investment model, ultimately accelerating the pace of innovation. This will enhance the robustness of the innovation ecosystem, enrich the local supply chain and create more opportunities to develop talent, diversity and capacity in the technology ecosystem. For more information about Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster, please visit:

About Radical I/O Technology

Radical I/O is a people-first technology consultancy and lab, based in Vancouver, BC. We work with government and enterprise organizations to develop meaningful, data-driven solutions that provide people with easy access to information, when and where they need it. At our core, we remove silos and deliver greater clarity by integrating disparate systems and data sources. We believe in building technology with purpose, and work with our clients to transform their data into information, and ultimately actionable knowledge, through machine learning, dynamic analysis, and user-friendly visualizations for staff, customers, and partners. Our agile professional services include strategy, architecture, design, and development with a focus on mobile and web apps, artificial intelligence, data and IoT, virtual and augmented reality, API services, and system integrations. is Radical’s newest product that enables new forms of conversational government and inclusion, through it’s AI-powered chatbot and voicebot. It goes beyond giving immediate, accurate and consistent answers to FAQs, by supporting secure transactions and form submissions.

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Radical I/O Technology Inc
201-788 Beatty St
Vancouver, BC  V6B 2M1
P: 778-724-4150 / 1-866-724-5556

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