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September 25, 2019

CityAssistant Launches at MISA BC Fall 2019 Conference

Radical Team

Radical I/O was delighted to attend the MISA BC 2019 Fall Conference in Whistler, BC this month to launch our newest civic product, CityAssistant.

Created specifically for government, CityAssistant is an AI-powered chatbot and voicebot that goes beyond giving immediate, accurate and consistent answers to FAQs by supporting secure transactions and form submissions. Currently in Beta, CityAssistant can be deployed across multiple communication channels that citizens already use so that they can access information and services, where and when they want. CityAssistant is currently available for: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Facebook Messenger, and is also available as a website “chat window” that can quickly and easily be incorporated into existing municipal websites.

As the annual conference for BC-based municipal technology leaders and innovators, MISA BC was the perfect place to launch CityAssistant. The Radical team enjoyed engaging with public and private sector colleagues, making new connections, and discussing the current challenges and opportunities facing municipalities. The conference organizing committee did a fantastic job of creating opportunities for networking - both within the formal program and in the evening activities. 

We knew from the opening keynote that we were in the right place at the right time! Two of the six technology innovations that will impact government that Amber MacArthur highlighted in her presentation were voice technology and chatbots. 

Fast forward an hour to the opening of the exhibition floor and we were kept busy answering questions, doing demos, and using the opportunity to gather useful feedback, as well as insights about how government IT leaders perceive these technologies. 

The response to CityAssistant was incredibly positive and we look forward to continuing the conversation with MISA BC conference attendees and beyond. 

As a people-focused and community-minded software development company based within BC, it was inspiring to hear about the digital innovations currently sweeping our government sector. We were also excited by the openness for, and commitment to, collaborations (both amongst municipalities and between municipalities and the private sector) that drive continual improvements in providing simple, accessible, and intuitive online services that make people’s lives easier.


About Radical I/O

Radical I/O is a people-first technology consultancy & lab in Vancouver, BC that specializes in data-driven enterprise software development with highly performant API architecture at its core. We work with government, ethical enterprises, and education organizations to build impactful technology with purpose. Our local, in-house team of experienced solution architects, software developers, and UX/UI designers takes pride in establishing lasting relationships by providing exceptional service, value, and quality.

About CityAssistant

CityAssistant is the voice of your city, enabling new forms of conversational government and inclusion. It goes beyond giving immediate, accurate and consistent answers to FAQs, by supporting secure transactions and form submissions.

Applying natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and powerful search technologies, CityAssistant is an integral component to realizing municipalities’ customer service strategies and taking a significant step forwards in the digital transformation of government organizations.

Technology. People. Purpose.

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