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April 4, 2019

Smart Cities in Denver: Technology with Purpose

Radical Team

We are pleased to announce that the City and County of Denver has notified Radical I/O of their intent to award, pending contracts, for on-call agile professional services for their Smart City initiatives. The City will use technology and data to improve services for citizens, businesses, and visitors via intelligent transport systems, city services, IoT and data management, and more.

At Radical I/O, our mission is to develop technology with purpose by collaborating with cities and organizations to build meaningful, data-driven solutions to our communities’ toughest challenges. We are excited by the opportunity to partner with the City and County of Denver to help them tackle issues like traffic congestion, air pollution, and economic imbalances.

The Smart Cities Connect Spring Conference & Expo is happening this week in Denver, Colorado. The goal of the conference is to connect city leaders and decision-makers from around the world with recent innovations and ideas in the technology community, and propose solutions to their cities’ challenges - to improve the lives of citizens and create healthy, resilient communities.

The City and County of Denver’s purchasing department is offering visiting delegates information on their smart city initiative proposal process in one easy package. This package gives civic leaders the opportunity to understand the City of Denver’s Smart City cooperative purchasing program, the proposal process and its competitive nature, and includes comprehensive information on the successful companies with pending contracts (like ours!) that will be working with the City on these initiatives. This information will allow other cities to easily implement their own flexible, cooperative requests for proposals, and jumpstart their journey towards being a ‘smarter’ city.

Cities all around the world are becoming ‘smart’ by using technology and data to increase community engagement, improve mobility, be inclusive and accessible, and enhance real-time decision-making and responsiveness through municipal infrastructure and operations. We recently collaborated with the City of Richmond, BC on some of their Smart City and digital transformation initiatives and look forward to continuing to support them in their journey of being the most liveable and well-managed community.

Our team at Radical I/O looks forward to working with other cities and municipalities in North America undertaking their own digital transformation journey.

Denver Smart City Logo

If you are attending the Smart Cities Connect Spring Conference & Expo this week, be sure to find the City and County of Denver team and pick up a USB stick with their comprehensive proposal package.

Technology. People. Purpose.

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