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Smart City Software Platform

SimpliCity™ is a cloud-based, scalable platform that supports key city services, internal business processes, and citizen engagement strategies.


Gain comprehensive data-driven insights that produce operational efficiencies, enhance responsiveness, and increase engagement.

Citizen Engagement

Citizens accessing up-to-date, consistent and accurate information feel more connected, engaged, included and heard.

Support City Staff

Staff equipped with meaningful insights feel enabled, and better prepared, to serve their community with increased confidence and pride. 

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Modular, Cloud-based Smart City Platform

SimpliCity™ integrates a powerful data platform with a suite of modules that can be combined to build an increasingly rich understanding of the community, and to help cities achieve their customer service, operations, and digital transformation goals.

SimpliCity’s data platform combines real-time and historical data, and applies AI and predictive analytics to create new knowledge and understandings for reporting, visualization, and analysis.

User-friendly and intuitive web, mobile, and voice applications support city staff, citizens, businesses, and partners with up-to-date information, actionable insights, and notifications.

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The brain of SimpliCity, CityConnect collects, collates, stores, monitors, and processes data, providing intelligence for custom reporting, meaningful visualizations, and predictive analysis.


Integrates siloed data, systems, and services.


Applies machine learning to create new understanding.


Provides setup and maintenance controls, reporting, and analytics.

The CityEngage module is the heart that connects a city and its citizens, enabling new forms of conversational government and inclusion.


Promotes communication, information exchange, and connectedness.


Supports staff as they track, monitor and visualize issues.


Improves service delivery with easy-to-use, multilingual support.

CityAssistant is the voice of the city, giving immediate, accurate, and consistent answers to FAQs and more using voice apps for smart speakers and text-based chat for web and mobile.


Increases customer satisfaction thanks to accurate, up-to-date information.


Responds 24/7/365 with no wait times, using devices people already own, in multiple languages.


Frees up staff to manage complex and sensitive tasks and to implement improvements.

The CityAccess module is a personalized, customer-facing web and mobile portal that centralizes information and online city services.


Provides an identity access management system (IAM) with single sign-on (SSO) capabilities.


Features a high-performance search-and-filter interface for users to easily access desired information.


Consolidates online city services within a personalized portal for a seamless user experience.

The CityContent module is a user-friendly distribution platform to easily upload, organize, and publish reusable content across multiple channels.


Allows city staff to easily and instantly publish information, videos, images, alerts, and more.


Increases community awareness and promotes participation with consistent messaging across all your channels.


Provides reporting and analytics on content engagement and user behaviour and retention.

The CityExplore module is a branded mobile app available for iOS and Android that provides location-specific, contextual information using beacon technology.


Increases engagement with museums, galleries, landmarks, parks, and events.


Creates a personalized user experience using beacon, mapping, and other geolocation technologies.


Produces analysis based on usage, proximity, mapping and feedback to inform and improve offerings.

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